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Praying Hands

March 1-31
Month of Consecration


"Declare a holy fast; call a sacred assembly. Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD" Joel 1:14



We are asking the Crossland Community to join us in a time of fasting and prayer from March 1st - 31st. This fast is not just for and about Crossland Church but also a time to seek God regarding your own personal lives.


Things to Know Before You Begin the Fast


What Is Fasting?

  • To fast means to voluntarily abstain from certain foods, eating and/or drinking, certain activities or from items for an extended period of time. Biblical fasting is a discipline of voluntarily denying one’s self in order to be available for prayer and communion with God. Since it’s an ultimate act of self-denial, you are entering into an intense training in righteousness.


Why Fast?

  • There are many reasons why people fasted in the bible, and all of them are good. Some wanted wisdom and power, while others were repenting of their sins. However, there was one aspect of the fasting experience that each had in common: a personal encounter with the living God. As you begin to consider reasons for your fast, there is one that will override all other reasons and that is to have a powerful, life-changing encounter with God.


What Will We Be Fasting?


  • As a church, we “suggest” a no food fast Monday through Sunday (entire month) from 6am to 1pm. We also encourage everyone to ask and listen to the Holy Spirit about what to give up for the duration of the fast personal to them; such as social media, caffeine, video games, etc. Also, as a church we will have in-person corporate prayer every Saturday morning from 8am to 9am for the entire month of March. We will meet at the church.


Things to Consider


  • Be content throughout – Avoid complaining about what foods you can’t eat, movies you can’t watch, etc. Avoid appearing gloomy for people to feel sorry for you or think how spiritual you are. On the contrary, do what Jesus says and “anoint your head, and wash your face!” Act normal and carry on. We have the privilege and honor of giving things up for Christ. Knowing He gave everything up for us. Complaining seems to almost negate the very purpose of this fast. We don’t have to fast, we get to.


  • Avoid viewing the fast as a “Diet Plan” – As Christians, we’ve been guilty of sometimes seeing the chief benefits of these next 31 days as getting a little slimmer, getting off caffeine, or not taking desserts for granted. But if we look at scripture, we see it as a time set aside for deep spiritual urgency, when God’s people really wanted Him to show up in a big way.


  • Replace sacrifice with God – Sometimes we can get caught up in the “Whats” of fasting without thinking about the “Who.” For these next 31 days, there are things we should want to give up in our lives so that we might replace them with God. If we just give up food and don’t replace it with the presence of God, it is of no benefit to us. We’ll only be unnecessarily hungry people. Let’s all take a moment to breathe in, slow down, and remember not just what we’re about to do, but “Who” we are doing this for.




  • Dates: March 1st - 31st 

  • Times: Fast everyday between 6am and 1pm. Also, set a time in the evening where you spend time “Praying and reading your bible” by yourself or with your family.

  • In-Person Corporate Prayer: Saturday’s 8am to 9am for the month of March at the church.

  • Fasting from: Choose some thing(s) that you would like to sacrifice during this time such as certain meals or foods, social media, television, etc...

  • Daily Devotional: We would like for everyone to read a daily devotional as a team. 

        • download the Bible app “You Version” 

        • click on Plans (bottom of the page)      

        • search “The God of Miracles” (it’s a 30-day devotional)

        • click “Start Plan” and enjoy.


We look forward to seeing what God does in all our lives during this time of fasting and praying. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact any Crossland team member.

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